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Videos of Bill on stage are available through YouTube through the following link: (We didn't make 'em, but thank the nice folks that did!)

Still shots: There are four head shots available on this page of the press kit: RGB color (dark background), RGB color (light background), CMYK color, B&W and Sepia. Click the link to the left to access the version required.

Important notes: 

  • Only the JPEG versions are shown on this page due to the inability of a majority of web browsers to display TIFF/CMYK files.
  • TIFF, CMYK and similar files that cannot be displayed directly through a web browser, may be downloaded and saved on a PC by right-clicking the links shown below, then selecting either:
    • Save link as - Mozilla Firefox
    • Save Target as - Internet Explorer
    • [CMD]-S while hovering over the link - MacIntosh, then follow the specific instructions.

The same sequence can also be used to save JPG files directly to a local PC.

Color (RGB - Light background) 

  • 24-bit RGB Color
  • JPEG - Standard Compression - TIFF Uncompressed
  • Images below are for full size images of the thumbnail shown below
  • Save images from this page (using browser commands) or access via:


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